Monday, July 31, 2017

Exhibit Entry: Explore
My First Art Exhibit
I was naively checking my personal email when I saw a subject in bold font, "All One Piece Exhibit Submission," from Katipunan Art Festival account.

As I wrote this, I couldn't remember exactly what I felt then. What I did remember though was that even after the event, I still found myself half unbelieving that the art fair, curated by famous local artisans, welcomed the work of my humble beginnings. Both overwhelmed and excited (plus some kilig), I conceptualized my piece, crafted and submitted, then eagerly attended the fair.

My exhibit piece was far from extraordinary. It's a simple world, literally, of a person who seeks adventure and experience more in life. As John Green says in one of his books, go to seek the Great Perhaps.

A bit of souvenir - yes, I'm the Mary Roxas referred to in the photo. 


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