Sunday, August 19, 2018

Papercutting x Singapore

In partnership with Sunday Folks, I had my second overseas workshop at Asia's Lion City,  Singapore, last 19 Aug 2018. 

Students were welcomed by a specially-curated craft kit containing:
• 1 A5 self-healing cutting mat
• 1 craft knife with cap
• 5 extra blades
• 1 set drawing tools (Faber-Castell pencil and dust-free eraser)
• 10-page instructional materials
• 3 original templates
• Set of special papers suited for intricate pieces
• 1 double glass frame
• 1 custom kraft box for handy dandy craft kit

A sneak peek of the craft kit:

In action:

Ended the session a sweet success of completing their piece and a handcrafted dessert! 


  1. Each paper cut is designed and hand drawn and then carefully hand cut to create a beautiful unique piece of art that look incredible and would be the perfect first paper wedding anniversary gift. Personalised family tree

  2. There is nothing more special than having personalised gifts. We have a range of amazing colours to make the baubles even more special.


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